© 2017. Multilingual Translations Management b.v. Translation Memory (TM) The principal behind a Translation Memory is that an identical text segment - usually a sentence - does not have to be translated twice. It is automatically translated the same way, thus improving consistency. The use of Translation Memory fuctionality has taken a giant leap in the last decade. The client reaps the benefit of considerably lower pricing. It should be noted, however, that CAT applications are at their best when translating technical documentation, help texts, and software strings. They are less suited for translation of marcom related texts, like brochures, white papers, and press releases. Transcreation Qualified Translators We work exclusively with academically-trained and qualified translators who only translate into their native language and, preferably, live and work in the country of their mother tongue. Language is alive and evolves constantly. It is, therefore, important for a translator to live in the natural habitat of his/her native language. Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) We are used to working with various CAT applications. SDL Trados, being the dominating translation tool in the market, is most commonly used and requested by our clients. These supporting applications offer semi-automated and cost-saving functionality. They allow us to translate with greater consistency, re-use existing translations, and compile client-specific terminology databases. Furthermore, these professional applications protect the existing coding, graphics, indices, and tabel of contents of your files.