© 2017. Multilingual Translations Management b.v. Culture... Heritage Dialect... Local Values... Beliefs... Idiom... Humor... Context... Maximizing cultural relevance Transcreation or creative translation is more than just translation. It is about taking the essence of a message and recreating it in another language, while respecting culture, heritage, local values, beliefs, dialect, idiom, humor, and context. Transcreation was developed to avoid the pitfalls inherent in cross-cultural marketing. Cultural boundaries can be formidable barriers to communication. Mistakes may damage the brand in ways that can be difficult to repair. Using words that have different meanings in different languages can also lead to trouble. Wordplay and idiomatic speech are exceedingly difficult to bring from language to another. Transcreation expands upon translation by focusing not so much upon the literal text, but on discerning the emotional response by viewers in the source language and working to elicit the same response from viewers in the target language. It is taking a concept in one language, and completely recreating it in another. Fidelity to the source text is secondary to transcreate the desired emotional response by the target audience.