© 2017. Multilingual Translations Management b.v. One Stop  Imagine a simple text or a complex project that has to be translated in 10 languages simultaneously. How do you go about finding reliable translation partners in the target-language countries? After all, the best translators live in the country where you want to market and sell your product. For most companies, this is not an easy task, even if you are an international company. If you work with us, we have already researched, tested, and selected reliable partners for you and have the local solutions in place. One Network  We have a strong preferred-supplier network since 1994. We take an analytical approach to your projects. Each project is unraveled in components and partial activities. Thorough pre-analysis is the professional foundation of any successful project. For complex projects, we rely on our dynamic Project Handling Documents and our Project Query System. It is all about sharing project information with the network partners involved in the project. One Contact  Together with our local partners, we can offer the required translation and localization solutions. But for all project related matters, you only need to talk to us. One contact for all languages and all issues. We do all communication and organization. From RFP to invoice. We use safe internet communication protocols, after all we are quite often dealing with confidential, non-published and non-released products and materials. We deliver our products on time and according to your expectations. We aim to surpass even our own expectations.