© 2017. Multilingual Translations Management b.v. An integral part of globalization Localization is in fact an integral part of the overall process called Globalization. As the Localization Industry Standards Association once defined it: To globalize is to plan the design and development methods for a product in advance, keeping in mind multi-cultural audience, in order to avoid increased costs and quality problems, save time and smooth the localization effort for each region or country. There are two primary processes to be distinguished: The internationalization phase Planning and preparation during the design phase to support global markets. Any country- or language-specific is stored separately so it it can be easily adapted. This will save fixing time during localization. The localization phase The actual process of adapting a product for a specific market. The localization phase involves, among other things, linguistic, physical, business, cultural, and technical issues. As compared to translation, localization addresses significant, non-textual components of products or services, like adapting graphics, adopting local currencies, using proper date formats, applying different colors, up to re-thinking the structure of a product. It is all about recognizing local sensitivities, avoiding cultural conflicts, and supporting a smooth merge into the local market. Globalization Internationalization Localization Translation Transcreation